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As a networking hub and an Afro community, BBW organises networking events especially for Afro women. We get to know each other, empower one another by sharing experiences and know-how, all that in an unwinding atmosphere.

As a cultural bridge, BBW also organises networking events for women only, where women of all cultural and professional backgrounds convene, exchange and often, collaborate.

BBW offers

a presentation platform (BBW-Presents) that BBW-members and guests are welcome to utilise not only to disseminate information, but also to present, amongst others, their projects, companies, organisations, products, art or skills.

a workshop platform (BBW-Workshop) aiming at enabling BBW-members and guests to share their knowledge and skills, following the concept “each one teach one”.

a seminar platform (BBW-Seminar). As an advocate for cultural and professional integration in Germany, BBW provides seminars focused on all aspects of “cultural and professional integration in Germany”, and partners with individuals, associations, organisations, institutions and government offices that work towards or support this objective.

Check out our upcoming events and join us!