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Founded on 21 September 2016, Berlin Black Women (BBW), was set in motion with the aim to bring Afro women living in Berlin together, so that they get to know each other, support each other and have a good time.

Today the BBW initiative is a strong networking platform for Afro women from Berlin and beyond. BBW-Members reside in other German federal states such as Brandenburg, Bavaria, Hessen and Baden-W├╝rttenberg and we receive guests and BBW-friends from as far as South Africa, France, the USA and Australia, to name but a few. Diverse monthly events are organised amongst others, networking events, meet-and greets, excursions, presentations, seminars and workshops, all in a comfortable environment where everyone can get to know each other, empower each other, learn not only together, but also from one another and still, have a good time and unwind.